The basis of Swift Silicone products is the art of the engraving and machining process, bringing together our engraving experience with the knowledge of modern engraving technology, we have developed a special know-how for the engraving of rotary converting tools for the cardboard packaging industry.

Swift Silicone is the supplier of engineered rotary tools for Embossing, Creasing, Cutting to major global brands and converters around the world.

Our rotary tools are widely used in the tobacco packaging industry for the production of HL cigarette boxes, display cartons and inner frames, foil, paper etc.

We provide engraved cylinders including rotary cassettes bearing blocks and gears.The mechanical engraved rotary tools are available in solid or segmented execution.
Segmented tools offer the following advantages:
Independent adjustment for optimal result.
Easy replacement of damaged segments and offers the flexibility of design
Changes without remarking tool.
Incorporate segment with special wear resistant steels to prolong tool life.
Repair and Reconditioning of Rotary Tools
Swift has the expertise to repair and re-condition all types of rotary tools embossing, creasing and cutting equipment.

Our cylinder reconditioning services involves repairs to damaged embossing elements, sharpening and repairs to damaged segments, recoating of the anvil roll and precision grinding of cylinders.
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