CNC engraving services

Engraving is as much an art as it is a technical skill. Discerning judgement must be made on the basis of the craftsman’s engraving experience together with the knowledge of modern engraving technology. Metallurgical understanding of the engraving material is crucial and is complemented with appropriate use of tools and engraving equipment. Here at Swift Silicone, we have retained both the artistic aspects of the traditional craftsman’s skill together with the scientific aspects of modern engraving technology to provide you with high quality engraving. Below are the different types of engraving services.
Metal dies and cylinders for hot stamping
Embossing coining dies
Metal stamps
Die cutting tooling
EDM electrodes
Marking and encoding blocks
Cigarettes printing dies
Cutting rollers for pack inner frames
Cutting rollers for labels
Foil Creasing Roller
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